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“Don’t touch! I’ll be right back...” were the taunting words of my father as he hurried into the bathroom at the local diner. “Now’s my chance!” I guzzled down his frothy beer as quickly as a 5 year old could. Time stopped as I sang and danced around tables joyfully entertaining the dinner crowd. I was free as a bird twirling around in my purple dress. “Ta Da!” I said, as I vomited all over an old man’s shoe. I always loved to perform but I never really sang... until I had to. When my little sister relapsed I was scared and didn’t know what to do. So I wrote a song. It was like this thing needed to come out. When I sang, it was like unleashing a prayer to the universe and feeling the galaxies ears perk up. I was communicating with something “out there” and suddenly I had a new relationship to music. It was like a third date with someone I really liked...exhilarating , obsessed and  no idea what I’m doing. I had found the one! Cassie has just released her debut solo album, "Feel Like Gold." It's a huge genre shift for the singer/songwriter, and it is some of her greatest work yet. Search "Cassie Fireman" and listen everywhere you love to stream music. 

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